ATV Sri Lanka

Hop on to powerful four-wheeler and experience the ATV Discovery in Flying Ravana site in Ella, a spectacular destination for all sorts of adventure sports, another hip breakthrough by the amazing Flying Ravana Adventure crew, introducing ATV Sri Lanka.

The designated off-road area is specially made thrilling track to satisfy the quench of the adrenaline junkies out there, that covers all terrain types of muddy and dirt tracks with hills and slopes through tea fields, jungles and passing picture-perfect viewpoints of the beautiful Ella Gap, creating perfect outdoor sports. You will also get the one-time opportunity to experience the iconic private photo viewpoint “Ravana Lookout” – the widest and the purest 270 degree view of the Ella Gap.

At Flying Ravana, ATV site we ensure the safety of the riders by providing around the clock guide/travel partner and you will be suit-up with the best safety gear certified by the professionals in the field before you hit the trail. Check them out here.

ATV Sri Lanka : 01 hours experience including training

Important : Please note you’re required to hold a valid driving licence for ATV rides 

Check the rates here 

Please call +94 57 493 0000 for reservations

Make the most of your time here… always follow the basic safety tips, listen to the instructor/guide and most importantly we need you to wear helmet all the time and to keep their wits about you.

Tick off that bucket, list dash around in our Polaris quad bikes through all types of terrain book in advance to skip the line and avoid being disappointed.

Regardless of whether you’re visiting to get away from the tedious/boring day-to-day life, freedom or thrill seeking, you’re at the right place.