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One of the most important rules is that you should feel comfortable in your clothes. Around your thighs and waist comes the tight harness which can feel uncomfortable if you are wearing uncomfortable clothes. The below mentioned are things to keep in mind when choosing clothes for zip lining.

  • Skirts, dresses or sarongs are not recommended.
  • Loose clothes (example – Scarfs) are not allowed as they may interfere with the equipment during the flight. Although slippers should be fine. Fully covered / close-toed shoes are ideal.
  • We recommend jeans, shorts, tights, shirts, t-shirts, yoga pants and any other clothing that is not too baggy or loose. Casual clothing is fine. The harness will be provided to you to be worn on top of your clothing, so covered clothes will keep you comfortable during the flight.
  • If you have loose hair you need to tie it up. Bring something which you can tie up your hair for a comfortable fun-filled ride.