Unforgettable Attractions of Ella

Beautiful Scenery

Imagine being surrounded by mist-shrouded mountains that blend in seamlessly with stunning forest canopies. Imagine Ella Rock. Famed for protruding a lone tree atop a rock, this captivating destination serves as one of the most sought-after of reasons for travellers to call by the town of Ella. Campers and trekkers are sure to fall in love with its appeal as from the summit of the rock one may take in the beauty and serenity of Ella. While there remains a number of access routes from the centre of the town and the local railway station, one will generally spend a total of four hours to complete the journey.

Ella Rock Mountain is a popular viewpoint which includes the inviting Ella Rock hike intermingled with breath-taking scenery of the area. Ella Rock Mountain offers panoramic views extending towards the eastern side of Sri Lanka. The sunrise can also be witnessed in the early morning. To reach Ella Rock Mountain, it takes about a 2km hike along the railway track starting from Ella Railway station followed by a mountain climb.

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