Gaze up little Adams Peak

1141 m
Beautiful Scenery

Reaching an imposing 1141 meters in the air, Mini Adam’s Peak lets thrill-seekers scour stunning sceneries that are made up of densely covered jungle and cliff drops. Affording moderate hiking and trekking opportunities for the go-getter of today, adventurers are advised to commence their journeys from Ella town from where the summit of the mountain is a mere 3 kilometres away. Also, the best time to pay a visit to Mini Adam’s Peak would be either during early morning or late evening.

Mini Adam’s Peak is very similar to Adam’s Peak in nature and hence got its name from the villagers constantly calling it this name. Lower plains surrounding Uva, Northern and Southern Provinces can be seen at the peak of the mountain. This is situated 2km away from Ella Namunukula Road and many foreign and local tourists prefer to hike and trail along this mountain.

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