Sparkling waters of Ravana's waterfall

6 KM Distance
Beautiful Scenery

Touring the idyllic town of Ella would be incomplete if one misses out on experiencing the wonder of Ravana Falls. Renowned for being one of Sri Lanka’s widest waterfalls, this 82 ft. the cascading body of water is nestled within the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary and a further six km from the Ella Railway Station. While providing outstanding opportunities for a leisurely swim, adventure seekers will also find that climbing some of the rocks located nearby affords awe-inspiring vistas of both the falls as well as some of Ella’s treasured surroundings.

Ravana falls is named after the demon King Ravana who according to traditional folklore is believed to have ruled Sri Lanka. It is a popular sightseeing attraction in Sri Lanka and currently ranks as one of the widest waterfalls in the country. It is best visited during the local wet season when the water is said to resemble an Areca flower with withering petals. This is situated in the 12-13thmilepost of Ella Wellawaya road. Ravana Falls can also be reached by travelling 10km towards Wellawaya from Kubalwela junction in Badulla Bandarawela road and could be a quick stop along the way as it can be viewed from the main road.

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